Magik Ads - Grid Wide Advertising in Second Life, Place Magic Ads Adboards and make L$! | Increase Traffic with our games!

Place Magik Ads

Adboards on your land.

Make Linden Dollars - Is easy!

Get your FREE Pack!

Earn up to L$ 19 per valid click!

The price per click is based on CTR (Click Tax Rate), which has
several factors such as the age of your account on Magik Ads,
and the placement age of adboards.

The daily withdrawal limit is 300 L$.
You can withdraw money when your account has 250 L$.
You can increase the daily limit withdrawal to 900 L$ if you
have your account for more than 90 days, please contact us.

Manual withdrawal:
If you are over 2000 L$ in your account, please contact us.

Visit our HQ and click on our ATM to withdraw their
lindens or create your account click here.

If you need help please contact us.


Magik Ads adboards is much more than a simple adboard . With our adboards you become our partner and will earn thousands of L$ without worrying about anything . With Magik Ads adboards can earn up to 19L per click.

You can withdraw your money once a day, just click on our ATM that is in our HQ.

Note : You must have more than 250L $ in your account to make a valid withdraw, the ceiling is 300L per survey.

You can check your balance by logging into our site

Do not wait, start now to put our Adboards and make lindens !

How to install ?

1 - Simply place a Adboard on the floor.

If this is your first time :
2 - If it is your first time receive a link to register .
3 - Please register on our website through the link provided.
4 - Check your email and your spam folder , please click the link sent to you and activate your account .
5 - Place the Adboard on the floor, if that's all right you can place the remaining adboards.

Note: Place the Adboards in visible and quite busy locations.

Rules :

- Magik Ads Adboards must be installed in public, accessible and visible locations.
- All advertising must be legible.
- Adboards can not be blocked by other objects or prims.
- The scripts in the land can not be blocked .

You get Linden Dollars for valid clicks , the system calculates the fair value pay per click depending on several factors such as the CTR of your Adboard, the statistics of your Adboard and pay for clicks are made to your account once a day, you'll soon take up to 48 hours to get all information, all clicks are analyzed by the system before approved.

You can easily query various statistical data about all your adboards in :
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