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How to Advertise?

Pay an Ad Server in our HQ!

Teleport to our HQ!
more budget = more relevance

General and Moderate - Pay per click prices:

Are you hosting
Magik Ads Adboards?
Price per Click
20 L$
25 L$

Adult - Pay per click prices:

Are you hosting
Magik Ads Adboards?
Price per Click
24 L$
30 L$

Advertise your service in SecondLife.

Step by Step: English Instructions or Instruções em Português

If you need help please contact us.

How to advertise?

Step by step - Is easy!

1 - Teleport to our HQ click here!
2 - Find an Ad Server and click on Ad Server to start .
3 - Choice "UPLOAD" and enter the following content with hold ctrl key
while dragging items inside.
   - One texture full permissions (copy/modify/transfer).
   - One Landmark and/or one notecard (copy/transfer) or full permissions.
4 - Click on "SET MATURITY" and select the maturity of your campaign.
5 - Click again on the Ad Server (Ad Server will process the information).
6 - Click "SET URL" and set your URL or USURL. (optional).
7 - If everything is correct click "DONE".
8 - Use your right mouse button and select pay.


Your ad will be pending approval, after approval it will pass all our Adboards
in SecondLife .
The bigger the budget announcement , the more times it will appear on our adboards
and the greater the projection of his campaign in SecondLife .

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